Be Green Coloring Book


Working With Kristen Miller of Kristen Miller Artworks


Opening scene, beautiful forest setting with the owl (teacher) in the center surrounded by his students (our animals that will be featured subsequently, one per page/one lesson per page.)

Opening scene he tells of the importance of living eco friendly/environmentally aware lives. He lists the topics that we will expound and tells them to learn it-to put it briefly.

Each page shows the transformation of the "critter" now that he has learned his assigned lesson and teaches us. He has been transformed into a super hero. Subtle, yet strong because he is now the hero of the Earth. One small child/critter making a huge impact for the whole wide world.

Possible angle for book title: Little Eco Heroes Coloring Book

Subtitle: Small children/lessons huge impact-or something along the lines.

The superhero elements would be subtle, handmade in nature: a cape of vines and leaves, etc.

This book will be useful in educating our children about the importance of Sustainability.  The charters will be endangered animals in their quest to be good stewards of the environment.  Here is the cast:







Black Bear

Sherman Fox Squirrel

Gopher Tortoise

Looking for a completion date of October 2018, just in time for our Green Tech Fair.