Cost Savings Ideas For Homeowners

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Go Green & Get Green

Most people know that green homes reduce energy bills, but many aren’t aware of the tax breaks and incentives that can ease the upfront costs of home improvements. So what exactly is a green home, and most importantly, how can you pay for it?

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100 Green ‘Monster’ Tips: Ethical And Eco-friendly Cost-Saving Ideas For Business

It’s The Environment Stupid!  A No Brainer Guide to staying on the Green and Narrow. No longer the domain of sandal wearing crusties; green, ethical and eco-friendly business practices are a sure route to sustainable business, cost-savings, improving profitability, lowering carbon taxes, raising productivity and meeting eco-targets. The biggest benefit of all? It’s good for everyone.

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Solar Rebates And Incentives

Solar Incentives and Rebates By State, County, City and Utility

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The ECO options program

In 2016, The Home Depot helped customers save over $903 million in annual utility costs, equaling a 4.9 million metric ton decrease in greenhouse gas emissions through the sale of ENERGY STAR® certified products

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